Pacific Historical Review

Pacific Historical Review

Editor(s): David A. Johnson, Carl Abbott, Susan Wladaver-Morgan
Published for: The Pacific Coast Branch, American Historical Association
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For over 80 years, the Pacific Historical Review has accurately and adeptly covered the history of American expansion to the Pacific and beyond, as well as the post-frontier developments of the 20th-century American West. Recent articles have discussed:


  • Empires, Frontiers, Filibusters, and Pioneers: The Transnational World of John Sutter
  • City of the Changers: Watershed Transformations and Indigenous Persistence in Seattle
  • “America’s Chinese”: Anti-Communism, Citizenship, and Cultural Diplomacy during the Cold War
  • “Beyond This World of Transiency and Impermanence”: Japanese Americans, Dharma Bums, and the Making of American Buddhism during the Early Cold War Years
  • An Unladylike Strike Fashionably Clothed: Mexicana and Anglo Women Garment Workers Against Tex-Sun, 1959-1963
  • Crossing Boundaries, Creating a Homeland: The Mexican-Chinese Transpacific Journey to Becoming Mexican, 1930s-1960s
  • On Coral Reefs, Volcanoes, Gods, and Patriotic Geology; Or, James Dwight Dana Assembles the Pacific Basin
  • “In a Race All Their Own”: The Quest to Make Mexicans Ineligible for U.S. Citizenship
  • Western Women’s History: A Forum

Every 170-page issue of the Pacific Historical Review features an extensive section devoted to book reviews--"roughly thirty in each issue--"plus frequent review essays. The "Historical News" section provides you with information about key figures in the PCB-AHA, as well as announcements for fellowships and awards. The Pacific Historical Review also includes notes and documents, historiographies, and forums on a broad range of topics.

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Pacific Historical Review
ISSN: 0030-8684
eISSN: 1533-8584
Frequency: Quarterly
Published: February, May, August, November

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