Nova Religio

Nova Religio

The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions

Editor(s): Eugene V Gallagher, Scott Lowe, Catherine Wessinger, and Benjamin E. Zeller
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Nova Religio presents scholarly interpretations and examinations of emergent and alternative religious movements. Original research, perspectives on the study of new religions, literature reviews, and conference updates keep scholars well informed on a wide range of topics including:

  • New religions
  • New movements within established religious traditions
  • Neo-indigenous, neo-polytheistic and revival movements
  • Ancient Wisdom and New Age groups
  • Diasporic religious movements
  • Marginalized and stigmatized religions

The journal contributes to understanding unconventional religions in their particularities and in relation to the larger social contexts in which they are situated. Nova Religio is both multidisciplinary and international in its scope.

Submissions are welcome from across the academic disciplines concerning all parts of the world.

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Nova Religio
ISSN: 1092-6690
eISSN: 1541-8480
Frequency: Quarterly
Published: August, November, February, May

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